The Story behind Freebiecat

Hi my name is Maria Stain. I’m what people call a lady cat. I have 8 cats at home that I love to play with. The story of Freebiecat started when i wanted to make a book that had facts only about cats.

I have collected the information from many sources hopping that readers will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I loved that experience, and now I have decided to make a blog about freebies. I usually ask my vet for free samples of cat food. Some of my cats, especially Iron And Djamila are very picky haha ! Sometimes i find some great offers online of free stuffs for my pets. I think it’s a great way to test products that you’re thinking of buying. Some of you may have experienced this before : you buy what you think is the best for you pet, and when you open it, your cat or dog have a very very different opinion. Sad face !

And for the about-me part, I was born in Michigan in 1985. I live with my parents and 8 cats and a dog. She is very old and has not many teeth. When she is in a good mood I play with her, but when she does not feel like it I just leave her alone. today i live in Utah and i love it for the mountains and beautiful weather. I enjoy working in my blog and taking care of my cats.

I would like to dedicate this blog to all the readers who love cats as much as i do, and to my friends and family who supports me in everything I do.

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