Open Farm Cat Food sample

Open Farm Cat Food

Open Farm Cat Food is of natural flavor and has the highest quality ingredients possible. They build their recipes with care and precision, selecting only the best all-natural ingredients to ensure your beloved Cat will be healthy inside and out.

Claim a free Open Farm Cat Food sample to try

Grab a free Open Farm Cat Food sample to discover and offer your pet a wholesome, balanced diet of fresh, human-grade, and non-GMO ingredients.

You can try a free sample of Open Farm Cat Food before you decide to buy it for your Cat. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Find your local Open Farm reseller
  • Go in-store and ask for a sample pack of Open Farm Cat Food

You don’t know where to find your local Open Farm Reseller? It’s fine, visit the Open Farm Reseller’s Locator to find the nearest one to you.

To say thank you to the brand for such a nice gesture, you can tell them how your cat liked their product by sharing a picture of your furball on social media along with the Open Farm Cat Food you choose. But if you don’t want to, it’s totally fine.

Open Farm Cat Food Review

Open Farm offers a wide variety of Cat Food, including:

  • Dry Cat Food :
    • Homestead Turkey & Chicken,
    • Wild-Caught Salmon,
    • Catch-of-the-Season Whitefish,
    • Pasture-Raised Lamb,
    • Grain-Free Kitten Dry Food,
  • Open Farm Wet Cat Food :
    • Harvest Chicken Rustic Blend
    • Chicken & Salmon Rustic Blend
    • Homestead Turkey Rustic Blend
    • Wild-Caught Salmon Rustic Blend
    • Grass-Fed Beef Rustic Blend
    • Herring & Mackerel Rustic Blend
  • Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food
    • Harvest Chicken
    • Chicken & Salmon
    • Wild-Caught Salmon & Cod
    • Surf & Turf
  • Bone Broth and Supplements for Cats
    • Harvest Chicken Bone Broth,
    • Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth,
    • Homestead Turkey Bone Broth.
  • Goat Milk for Cat
    • Antioxidant Blend,
    • Digestion Blend,
    • Relaxation Blend,
    • Certified Humane Goat Milk Kefir,
    • Organic Grass-Fed Cow Milk Kefir.

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Is Open Farm Food Good for Cats?

Yes, one of the best Cat Food brands on the market, today is no other than Open Farm. It’s loved by millions of pets around the United States for its great taste and the quality of its ingredients. In fact, Open Farm only uses Human-grade beef, poultry, lamb, and non-GMO veggies ingredients.

In a world where many believe it should “be right” to feed their pets a variety of unnatural products, Open Farm Cat Food is one way to show your deepest love and care to your Cat. The brand understands that the best-tasting food comes from wholesome sources – the only ingredients they use are Certified Humane Meat, which comes from animals raised in compliance with the strictest standards of safety and health. Along with Oceanwise Fish, and ethically sourced vegetables and fruits.

Open Farm Cat Food Recall

As of today, Open Farm had no Recall for any of their Cat Food products. We will keep you posted if this changes in the future. However, it is very unlikely.

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